Tangerine Dream

Because the weather in London has finally decided to, y'know, actually correspond with the month, it's grey skies and downpours all round at the moment. So naturally the perfect time brighten everyone's days with an orange dress (you know the one) and orange make-up. Not the TOWIE kind.
Nothing like a '60s cat-eye flick with a '60s minidress. 

Blush - I'm waiting with great anticipation for Illamasqua's Dixie blush to return to stores, but in the meantime I acquired a cheaper cream blush from Topshop. I'm a recent cream blush convert after my mum provided me with a Maxfactor pot. Big fan of it - it seems to blend a lot more easily with foundation as opposed to sitting on the skin in clumps, and is generally longer-lasting. 

Foundation - Ah yes. Trusty Illasmasqua Cream Foundation. I use Shade 115 in winter/when I want to look like a dead thing. This is Shade 133.

Eyes - Ilamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen in an arc over the lids, with Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadow in Servant on the lids. Cream pigments are great products - long-lasting and bold; usable on lids, as blush and even on lips if you're feeling brave (more on that later), and very easy to blend with the powder shadows. Can also be applied with fingertips if you're in a hurry!

The eyeliner is also by Topshop - I've previously been a huge advocate of Illamasqua's black precision ink but I've run out of it (it's that good), and the beauty of the Topshop version is its felt tip-like applicator, which is very precise. 

Slick on your favourite mascara, some powder to finish et voila!

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