Autumn colours

It's been a beautiful autumn day in London, so I went for a walk on what actually turned out to be a still very green Hampstead Heath. There's a definite chill in the air though - no repeat of the heatwave we had last October. Suits me nicely. 
I proudly declare a season my favourite every time a new one comes in, but for the scenery autumn definitely beats the others. Dramatic colour contrasts of the leaves, from green to gold, red and brown with cold sunlight cannot be beaten. For someone with a flair for the dramatic, it really is the perfect season. Also makes me want to watch Hero again. 
I know I said that I would be sticking to a blue, black and white colour palette for AW12 but I was desperate to wear quite possibly my favourite dress again - a mustard-coloured A-line beauty from ASOS that I've worn and washed so many times it's got a bobbly texture. Then while trying it on I happened to catch a glimpse of my then-ice blue nails against it, which coupled with the need for a jumper resulted in a stunning colour clash. 

Et voila - perfect autumn-winter colour combination. I'll make sure to try this jumper with my mustard 3/4 length trousers.

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