School Uniform

So back to the ol' style blog posts we go. 
First up, one from last week - I was recently (and still am) totally obsessed with a lovely little film called Like Crazy, which concerns the love story of two young people who meet one summer and then become seperated by circumstance, showing how their transatlantic love affair plays out over five years.
It's dripping with what certain corners of the internet would refer to as 'white hipster privilege' - the heroine somehow lives in a one-bed flat in Kensington (it isn't even ex-council) while working at a tiny indie magazine, and they are both mad keen on poetry and Paul Simon. Her parents are a plummy Surrey-based pair who dote on their delightfully hipster daughter. But nicheness aside it's a beautiful film - tender, sweet, beautifully shot and scored (seriously, listen to this) and the chemistry between the two leads is totally believable.
Anyway, I digress. I was a tad taken with the outfit worn by the heroine, Anna, in the final scenes of the film. Breton top and high-waisted simple black trousers - the go-to uniform of the off-duty hipster. So I went on a quest to create my own equivalent.
Almost? Well not quite, given that there's definitely a dress size between us. But I think rolling up the trousers   a tad in warmer weather and losing the jacket will make it better. 
Then, when I was at home this weekend emptying my old room of, well, stuff, before my parents move, I realised that during my last trip I had been a tad overzealous with my wardrobe clearout and had no tops at all. Except for this, my old school jumper. It still has a name tag in it. 
Not too bad in the end, eh? Especially when paired with a black leather skirt (see, I'm already all over this 'different texture' brief) and a little bit of bling. Excellent. It's great what you can find in your wardrobe. Though I draw the line at wearing my old kilt. 

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