Yay, I can wear black again!

I'm still alive! Yes, it is me and my dramatic fringe, which actually looks far less directional at this camera angle. I was in a hurry, hence the hasty shot in my back 'garden'. Just trying to get back into the habit.
Despite spending most of my time in black by default I'm making it official/like it was carefully thought out and declaring that my palette for AW12 is monochrome with accents of ice blue, and maybe a little navy. Or lapis. Or cerulean. Typically just as fashion decides to favour purple. 
I'm also planning to try different textures, too. Leather, and velvet, as well as chiffon and denim and wool. Juxtaposing a leather skirt with a drapey wool sweater or a chiffon shirt. Oh it's going to be all kinds of fun. 
I also finally found a pair of boots that can go halfway to replacing my beloved heeled Office brogues, that Office stupidly decided to discontinue just in time for winter. I KNEW I should have bought a third pair (yes I wore through the first pair) when they were suspiciously discounted...Oh well. Instead I have these Topshop ones, which are suitably more grunge, to pair with jeans and slightly 'angrier' looks, keeping the brogues for special occasions. Still hoping they come back.

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