And a Happy New Year!

My fringe and I (and my first up do of my 20s) would like to wish you a very very Happy New Year!
If, like me, you've had a truly awesome 2012 (new job, staying at new job for longest of any job, promotion, pay rise, excellent new friends and personal successes thanks to job, good times with great friends all rounded off by a fabulous Christmas with dear family and loved ones) then I hope that you are more than ready to upsize for 2013. 2012 was a great year for me, possibly the best ever. But I've got big designs on 2013 - make real headway with my writing (you can read some of my creative writing efforts on my other blog here), continue to divide and conquer at work, live with my boyfriend without us killing each other, tone up and stuff and generally be the happiest I can be - and after the hard work I put in this year and how spectacularly it paid off, I'm just scratching the surface of what I'm capable of.
2012 was never really a year I thought beyond - ever since the Olympics I think we've all been counting down to 2012. From the terror of the househunt that never happened to the false fear of commuting hell, 2012 was a year to be feared. And maybe because of mild superstition about the Mayan calendar, I'd never really factored in 2013.
2012 was also the year I hit the big 2-5, the quarter century. Ten years ago, if I knew where I'd be now, I'm pretty sure I'd be happy. But then, like now, I'd have no idea where I'd be in ten years from that point. Who knows where I'll be in ten years? I'll have turned 30 and with luck, managed not to box-tick my way there like so many people seem bent on doing. My philosophy is do what makes you happy, but that's about both appeasing the people you love and never compromising to inconvenience yourself And as we get older and family and true friends become more scarce, these become far more important.
In the age of the internet, defining a modern friendship becomes more and more difficult. Around this time last year, a girl I never met but knew and felt I knew through Twitter died. It's a strange thought to grieve for someone you've never really met, and it's strange that people you've never met in person can infuriate you in real time, as the internet allows us to do. You can be a totally different person on the internet, make new friends and say things you'd never have the guts to say to people's faces. I've made some great virtual alliances and made virtual enemies arguing with people I've disagreed with this year. Fighting the good fight, or time-wasting? I'll make a real attempt in 2013 to draw the fine line between online bitching and being constructive. Plus, I've got far too much of my own stuff to construct this year.
So so long 2012. You've been awesome. But I'm off to make 2013 even better.
I'll leave you with this little anthem - perfect for anyone who needs a change of direction, needs a bit of motivation or just needs a kick up the arse to get started. It was pretty much my anthem when I was getting ready for a big change two years ago. 

Happy New Year!

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