Gold and blue and a problem or two

Now, here you witness a classic example of the problem with having a long torso.
(And also with having not moved my tripod up to London with me, meaning I have to balance my camera on the wall in my patio garden and as a result get the lens hitting, and magnifying, at hip level while also making my face look longer than SJP's.)
I love me some Topshop; you'll know that from the fact that the vast majority of stuff on here comes from there. Tax-dodging aside, they are the high street equivalent of ASOS - cheap, fast and on-trend - and even manage to make a cut of jeans that flatters me. 
But for reasons not entirely unfathomable, their entire range seems cut for a girl with a standard torso and long legs (and no hip bones to speak of, but that's quite standard). ASOS and most other retailers are guilty of this too, but I'd really love to see a brand that, instead of offering 'petite' and 'tall' offers 'long torso' and 'short torso' as alternative options. That way, I can wear a dress that I really like and have it look on me how it was meant to look, not with the waistband in my ribcage and with it shorter than it's meant to be, giving it a maternitywear air. 
Such is my problem when buying dresses. But this one was too beautiful for me to pass up; I was walking past the rack, spotted it and just went 'wow', out loud, in the middle of the shop. 
(Close-up of the fabric - scratchy as you like but a beautiful soft, warm blue shot through with copper gold threads. Not a boob shot, but it does serve to demonstrate how high the waistband is.) 

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