The difficult dress

You know when you have a really stunning, unique and awesome dress that, because it's made of relatively thin knitted cotton, is really rather unforgiving and makes you look like you have a pot belly, and also requires you about 20 different photos to avoid having lines from your clothes underneath? 
Yeah, that. This All Saints dress is one of my favourites, from the days back when the brand did innovative and cool things instead of being boring. So many of my favourite brands, including my beloved Thomas Sabo, seem to have lost their spark and swapped uniqueness for fitting in with what's popular and what makes commercial sense. Poppy Delevigne advertising Thomas Sabo's new diamond trinklets when two years ago it was like a high end version of the rock god jewellery you find in Camden Market, and All Saints' advertising campaign that runs like a Levi's ad mixed with a Skins episode. And while it's a tough time for high end high street brands while others swoop in and do it cheaper, their new direction to more stable financial waters, away from what made them what I loved best, is so disheartening. 

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