Pink and pouffy

Details: accidental Betty Draper-style bouffant blow-dry, fluffy pink jumper contrasted with shiny plastic skirt (which could really have done with a lining, ASOS), candy colours, new Prada. 


Merry Christmas!

Details - doing my best to fulfill the 'pink Christmas' brief set by my relatives with a pink shiny '50s-shaped Topshop skirt and some festive bling. Merry Christmas!


I picked this up in NYC...

Details: tartan and light blue make a delightful winter pairing; plain eyes and bright lips; my over-everything Zara coat that's seen me through three winters now; a beautiful gift from my wonderful man from Bloomingdale's in New York. This devil wears Prada now. 

Winter navy

Details: mauve eyes and berry lips, navy shades in a woollen jumper and sparkling skirt, faux-snakeskin boots from Clarks of all places to ensure comfort and style, all wrapped up for outdoors in a trusty beanie faux-fur. Never through out a faux-fur. 


More roar

And that excellent jumper in a full outfit. I still haven't quite got over the vaguely uniform nature of a white shirt and dark jumper. But nobody at school would be allowed to wear a panther jumper. 
Man, sometimes I wish I didn't have straight hair. I always dreamed of big Jennifer Grey-style hair, and then every time I rewatch Pretty in Pink I want Molly's waves. Ah well. You always want what you don't have.



I'm still alive, promise! It's been a busy month but somewhere in the midst of it, my hair has faded back to the usual orange and stubbornly refuses to stay wavy and I found this roaring jumper to be a winter alternative to my roaring t-shirt. Rawr. 



I bought two wool tartan kilts in a vintage shop back in August, knowing tartan would be my go-to this season. Et voila! This one has a smooth back, making it look like a pencil skirt. 
Also really coming round to my new hair colour and habit of trying to curl it, which inevitably just ends up as crimping. But it does work much better with grungey makeup. Stylist said that brown lipstick was really in this season, and combined with a brown smokey eye (much softer and easier than black) and too many episodes of Season Three of Gossip Girl (aka Taylor Momsen's grunge era) it's the perfect autumn look.



An outfit I liked so much I wore it twice. I'm going to become known as The Girl In The Tartan Blazer before too long. 
Already missing my orange hair - it's now a darker russet copper for autumn; pics soon! Maybe one of these days I'll go blonder...


Pirate punk

Please excuse the small friendly plant that's snuck in and obscured my shoes - I was in a hurry. 
I've got a wealth of tartan bottoms for the colder weather...but no tops. And when this jacket called to me from the rail (alongside much more sensible, muted toned jackets) I knew this would see me through. I'm thinking a loose white blouse and a few gold medallions. Or maybe that's a bit too literal/Westwood...
Finished off with a bright purple iridescent lip, courtesy of Illamasqua. I love a good bold lip - it just pulls everything together and means you can leave the house without bothering too much with the rest of your face, or even outfit. This one, far from being a 'for going out purposes only' colour, is a regular. Now, I wonder if I can get away with wearing the teal one to work...


Power hour

For someone who eats quite as much chocolate as I do/is as OCD about dirt as I am/lives in grimy London, white clothes are a total liability. So plucking up the courage to wear this year-old 80s-power-shoulder-meets-biker Zara jacket to the office, on the Tube where slipped coffee and newsprint of the Metro is just waiting to mess with you, was quite a step. But I did it! And it's criminal not to wear a jacket this beautiful, isn't it? Just...don't walk behind me with a cup of coffee...


Seasons change

Black tights, out and on! It's getting to autumn and I can't bloody wait. Jumpers, more jumpers, leather, wool and all black everything. Bring it on. 


Blue and green

...should never be seen? Never - ice blue and deep green seem like a winning combination, and a good way to wear these tricky trousers. I bought this ice blue jumper a few weeks ago - don't you love planning your new season wardrobe? I'm on a budget for mine this year so this jumper, plus two amazing vintage tartan skirts I'll trot out in due course, will (in theory) be it for a while...I'll reveal what I'm saving for soon! 
Still reluctant to retire the sandals and switch to toe-cramping closed shoes. So until the rain starts and autumn really sets in I'll keep hanging on to that last little bit of the warm weather. 


Shiny shiny

OMG A DIFFERENT POSE. Bet you thought I was only 2-D. 
I remember when I saw this skirt on ASOS last winter (when I was in my 'multiple black textures skirt' fashion phase - bring on cold weather for a revival) and thought that it would be easy to wear. It's not - the sadists (ha) decided not to line it, meaning it bunches up at front if you walk too fast. Don't even ask about wearing tights with it. I'm still working on a solution for this winter. 
BUT given that every high street store under the sun is offering a version of this, I feel smugly ahead of the trend. And it sets off my oilslick tote perfectly. I remember the obsessive way I semi-stalked this bag (given that it was stationary it probably doesn't count), circling, waiting for the final reduction and then POUNCING. Now, several years later, it's stylish again, and vying my beloved Alexander Wang for a place on my arm. 
But not everything can last forever in my wardrobe. Yep, you guys are in for a treat - I'm finally on ebay! Head this way for a currently small but soon-to-grow selection of wardrobe goodies. I've got a very exciting trip to raise funds for. More soon...



Just before the summer gave up the ghost and we tipped over from pushing 30 degrees to pushing 20 degrees. I'm sure it'll be back before we officially move into autumn. But there's definitely an icier nip in the air...


Late summer sparkle

It's September! But the summer shows no sign of ending just yet. As much as I LOVED the first early morning mist today and the slight chill in the air that means autumn will arrive soon, I am going to miss bare legs, bare shoulders and open-toed shoes. This has been a great summer.
I'm quite bad at posting full outfits here, as I've said before - often what you see is before the finshing touches like the trusty statement bag, the jacket or the slick of lipstick. But here's an actual outfit, complete with beautifully glittering midnight blue skirt (that feels 'like that thing you scrub the pans with', apparently, but has a very comfy knitted cotton stretchy waistband), the trustiest heels of Summer 2013 and my beloved Alexander Wang. It's been a year and no other 'it' bag has caught my eye since this baby came along. Well...except for the same bag in other colours....


Punk attitude (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Clothes)

I do this thing where I buy an item of clothing that I know I love, that I know I will get wear out of. Then what happens? It hangs in my wardrobe, sits in a drawer...because I daren't break it in. Like a new notebook or perfume, no occasion is ever special enough to warrant the first wear or use. The first drop of ink on the page, the first pop of the bottle top, the ceremonial removal of the tags. 
Clothes hang in my wardrobe for days, weeks, months, and the love I feel for them grows so much that I almost cannot bear to wear them. They become symbolic of a moment in time that must be preserved at all costs, an outfit I was going to create with them that, because of weather or time, never comes to fruition.
But no more, I tell you. No more buying beautiful things and declaring you'll save them for special occasions. If you're going to spend money on something, you've got to make it worth your while. You've got to love them enough to wear them. 
So a fortnight after I bought these trousers, despite fully intending to save them until October, I took the tags off, and wore them for three days in a row. 


Colour pops

An integral part of my personal style is based around colour pops - it comes with the hair territory. That's why I wear and like to wear so much monochrome - the hair colour pop is all I need. But sometimes it's nice to pick up little accents elsewhere. A bright shoe (in exactly the same pose as it's been in for about the last four posts, and probably the next four). A statement piece of jewellery. A strong lip.
PS I know I'm not the only one who is enjoying the drop in temperature as it means I get to wear my leather jacket again...right?


Stained glass

The photograph doesn't do the print of this sweater justice - it's a glorious stained glass window effect that reminds me of all the churches I got dragged round in France during many family summer holidays. 
The one disadvantage is how fluffy it is inside - my skirt and vest top are covered in white fluff. Excellent. Worth it. Roll on a winter of blacks, textures, and bold print explosions. 


Summer black

Ok yes, this skirt is an absolute bitch to wear. Topshop doesn't believe women with hips (or 'saddlebags' as I believe is their less attractive but more specific term) exist so the lining of this skirt, while already short, has a horrible habit of riding up when walking. And when sitting down. Disaster.
Lining issues aside I love it - thin black lace like this works every season. Especially with a sneaky flash of neon. These shoes were easily my best buy this summer.


Ice blue skirt

I remember talking about this skirt last year, but I've never managed to photograph it before. Sadly, probably only about a third of the outfits I like end up on the blog - sneaking out to my patio to take photos in the morning without housemates gawping at me, bad weather, running late...all factors contribute to me not getting a steady stream of outfits on the blog. I do try and keep Instagram updated with snippets of key outfits; I'm not totally neglectful, promise!
And yes, I wore this into the office. A cro-top in the office? Never say I don't push boundaries.


Jazzy florals

I remember getting really excited about being able to fit into this peplum top when I first found it with only a size 6 in stock. Turns out it's bloody hard to wear. Pro tip for peplums - long trousers are out unless you have no hips.
Here's an attempt that I think worked ok. Next up, I'll try it with a flared skirt. Thankfully jewel colours always work in the winter.



We finally had rainfall! As a result it's rendered my tiny patio garden greener again. Hasn't done much about the heat, though.
The solution to too-short trousers is to combine them with a tunic dress. The solution to funking up a basic LBD is to mix it in ways you wouldn't expect. I'm pretty happy with this (entirely ASOS) ensemble, especially coupled with ridiculously bright shoes. 


Wardrobe staple

From before this heatwave rendered wearing jackets insufferable...

If anyone finds a blazer like this, tell me. And if you find a blazer like this, buy it. I've had this machine-washable, M&S badboy for eight years and it's still the hardest working item in my wardrobe. Housemates borrow it, its spare button still languishes somewhere in the bars of Camden and it's seen me through school, university and beyond. Seasons come and go, fashions change, but a good blazer never goes out of style. Have you got one?


Le Smoking

Classic Karl-style pseudo-tuxedo look for...a house party. Luckily it was in Kensington.
You know how Coco Chanel or someone supposedly said that you should always take off the last thing you put on before you leave the house? I kind of have the opposite problem - what you see here is often only 90% of the complete picture, and rarely what I actually leave the house in. You often feel before you step out of the door that you've got one thing on that's not right, your favourite lipstick will make you feel like you, or your trusty jacket (more on this later) is needed. Take my bag - you met my beloved Alexander Wang at Christmas and bar a few days I've never not left the house with it. Things like that that take an outfit from a look to your look often don't get seen here. Maybe it's a little private thing I like to keep for myself.
This time, however, I knew just what would complete the look. You can see it, and a lot more little snippets that don't make the blog, on Instagram.com/redheadfashion. You'll also get to see how bright this top is in real life - seriously, it's fluorescent. 



I had a client event last week and, as I usually do, felt the need to dress on-brand.
Green and sparkling silver. Try and guess who the client is!
Featuring the most blinging necklace from the ASOS sale and some new kitten-heeled silver sandals. Now we just need it to stop raining so much... 



I should now technically be changing the name of this blog to Carrot Top Fashionista. Not the best picture I'll admit - coupled with the almost wintry light - but it was the best way to show quite how orange my hair now is!
Also debuting my first item from Cos! These are shiny, elasticated-waisted trousers and are pretty darn comfy, even if they are quite hard to look good in without heels. Plus, they have pockets. Love a good pocket.


Summer PJs

Haven't quite got the courage to wear my 'pyjama suit' to work yet but we're getting there.
FYI - my hair is no longer like this. Stay tuned for a change...



A rare pop of colour. I'm also glad I finally wrested this blazer back off my housemate(s) who kept borrowing it. It's almost eight years old and I am yet to find one that is good enough to replace it. Seems like they don't make simple black blazers without darts any more. 


Hey there, sports fan

Nothing cheers you up like wearing new clothes. Or three new items together - sports tee, skinny jeans and shiny, shiny white brogues. Typically as soon as I find a great-fitting pair of jeans they phase the style out. Thanks, Topshop. NOT. So trying these mega-skinny mega-light ones for now.
Also my new patent white brogues, which I will live in on sunny days. 


Clashing prints

Working on going full body print clash one item at a time...


Snazzy jacket

As my current obsession is with print trousers I thought it was high time to have a jacket to match. This is actually part of a matching set. Watch this space to see if I can pluck up the courage to wear what is essentially daytime pyjamas in the office...



A present from a special person for a trip down Memory Lane. If there's one thing I love it's a sunset, and the opportunity to wear one was too good to miss. 


Pitch Perfect

A business casual look with my latest pair of trousers. I have a slight addiction to this style of trousers (as you'll see from previous posts) and when the blue/black pair went to half price in the sale I got right on board. I may have also bought a duplicate of the white/black pair...judge all you like, but finding a pair of trousers that you can wear a size 8 in and look good in needs to be celebrated with multiple purchases!


The latest thing

And for the final farewell flourish, a new 'do.
Bring on spring. And many more pairs of ASOS trousers.


The glare

My camera lens is scratched beyond repair and you might have noticed, but the awful glare in this hurriedly taken shot comes from the sun. That's right - a corner has been turned, the sun has come out, and life (in the immortal words of Daniel Craig) is so f*cking good I can taste it in my spit.
So it's time to ditch the winter coats and get out the Marty Maraschino shades. 


End of a chapter

Finishing important chapters of your life are like finishing a book (as the analogy might suggest). You take a moment to truly understand that the book is finished, and it takes you long moments to understand quite what you made of that book, and quite what impact it had on your life. Whether you enjoyed it, or whether you felt you were better off before you read it. What you learned from it. Whether you are now happy or sad that it's over. 
And until you figure out the answer, you can just wear the things that he thought were hideous. Like this jumper, that goes particularly well with these relatively new ASOS trousers.
And also contemplate, after a long and laborious growing process, cutting your hair again. What do you think?


Mad about the Boy

Someone once referred to Boy London at the hipster Von Dutch. And while they were right, I feel I've left it long enough to finally wear this t-shirt that it's sort of socially acceptable again. Right?
This vintage skirt has got to be the best tenner I've ever spent. The only slight problem is that combined with tights and a coat it does tend to twist round just a tad (I arrived at the hairdressers' after a five-minute walk and found the back slit was at the front)...


Dries girl

Remember when I said it was on my spring wishlist to try and get up the guts to attempt to look as cool as a Dries van Noten girl?
I gave it a shot. 
These Annie Hall-esque wool trousers are one of my staples - they're comfy, versatile, flattering and are from a store that's sizes make me seem smaller than I am! Plus, they're also machine-washable. Winner.The one problem is that the trousers don't have belt loops, so I have to wear them slightly off-waist and slouchy. But am hoping to keep wearing them right through spring. Now I just need a brighter purple lipstick...


Bjorg 2013

I've posted about jewelry brand Bjorg before and how much I love their chunky, funky, grungy and delicate nature-inspired designs. One day I will splash out and get myself a piece for my jewelry box. They exploded back on to my radar recently when I was browsing another blog that posted images from their new lookbook.
Elements of Flemish portraits (as wisely noted by the blogger through whom I found these) and Greek mythology (I'm getting strong vibes of Medea, Electra, Clytemnestra et al) combine to create a beautifully simple but strong and striking campaign. And now...to save up.
(All images from Bjorg.)



I have a confession to make. I haven't actually seen Beetlejuice. (Or Back To The Future, or a Die Hard film. But that's beside the point.) So naming this post after it seems a little cheeky. But it's the name bandied around by style editors in reference to this pinstripe print, so I went with it too.
Also I tracked down an amazing necklace I saw on another blogger on Instagram. I've got a thing for bold bling.