SAG Awards - the best dressed

I didn't bother with my usual outfit dissection post for the Golden Globes because (aside from Michelle Dockery, who was a vision in McQueen and Anne Hathaway who as well as being a shoe-in for every Best Supporting Actress nod going is a seriously good dresser these days) they were a snorefest. 
But a few absolute jaw-droppers at Screen Actors Guild awards actually warranted a post. 
I'm not generally a fan of Marion Cotillard's style but I love this Christian Dior number (she suits the brand so well, which is a good job as she's the face of it). Plus I adore that colour.
I'm really feeling navy blue in red carpet gowns, and while Jennifer Lawrence has been scoring more misses than hits on the red carpet at the moment in my eyes (and I love love LOVE this girl) I am so happy to be proven wrong. This (Dior Couture) lovely dress (which contrary to popular opinion did not rip) is chic and flattering. And a down-do is my preferred look for her hair.
Not many actresses would cut their hair for a movie role, and even fewer would have their hair hacked off on camera. Natalie Portman cried in V for Vendetta and Anne Hathaway sobbed in Les Miserables, but she's a lucky girl who can pull this off. The dress is Giambattisa Valli and I hope she sticks to monochrome for a while longer.
While I'm a bit weirded out by the strange harlequin detail on the slit, I love Claire Danes' little Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci-clad walk on the wild side.
And I LOVE Elisabeth Moss' little twist of sophistication in Dolce and Gabanna, though I wish this scraped-back up-do would die a death. 
Ok, except this one. Seriously, I loathe January Jones' on-screen incarnations but off-screen, on the red carpet, I am in awe of her. The coolest name in the casting books (seriously, 'January Jones'? Beyond cool) and a vision in Prabal Gurung. In my next life, I want to be her. 


The colours red and blue

Just a little snippet - been leaving too early and getting in too late to do proper outfit photos at the moment. 
I know I insisted I'd wear nowt but navy and black all winter but this blue knitted jumper was calling me. And how could it now - the perfect bright zingy blue. 
Another reason why I haven't been able to do outfit photos?

Isn't it beautiful? Few things can match my love for London at the best of times but when it's like this it just fills you with joy.


Moving on up

Want to see something shocking?
THAT'S AN UP-DO. Right there. This is the first time in around seven years that I can put my hair up properly, and it's quite exciting. I guess this isn't the first one you've seen as there is one a few posts ago, but given the massive amount of time since I was able to do this I feel it should be marked properly.
(Incidentally, a very severe up-do (translates as 'as convincing a bun as I can do with the bare minimum amount of hair necessary to put into a bun) is the perfect complement to this outrageous 80s/90s hiphop/monochrome Versace-esque jumper, shirt and leather pencil skirt combo. It's a bad picture, but I was in a rush.)


Nail tales - tips for blending colours

As anyone who has seen my makeup drawer will testify my wardrobe has got nothing on my makeup addiction. And my nail varnish drawer is pretty similar. But because I am a neat freak, at least my addiction is a neat and tidy one. 
See? That was a fun afternoon. 
One of the things I've learned to do most recently from hours spent trawling Instagram (follow me here for more nail pictures and the like) and reading beauty blogs is blending colours. Like so...
The tutorials I've read insist that this is easy to do and they're right! There's a few things I learned that are very important:
1) The picture above is in fact my second attempt - the first used red as a base coat and blended blue over the top. I'd advise that, at least for your first attempt, that you use the darker colour on the tips, and the lighter colour as the base. 
2) Let the base colour dry completely before beginning to sponge on the blended layer. Same goes for each coat of the blended layers, especially important if you put on a clear top coat.
3) The tutorials say get a nail sponge, but I've found cutting little strips of the sponges I get with foundations work just as well. Plus long thin strips are easier to grip. Or use the foam applicators that come with eyeshadow compacts, as the tutorial I used at Do Not Refreeze suggests. 
3) When you're sponging on the top layer, start at the tip, then move down as you work off the colour. Starting at the middle point on your nail, where you want the colour to be at its thinnest, would just be silly. 
4) If in doubt, add a glitter top coat. It covers up a less than graceful first attempt. Like so:
Et voila! Get blending. 


The perfect winter coat

I really need a new camera. Never lend your nice camera to a friend at a party, you'll inevitably get it back with a massive scratch on the lens which shows up in sunlight. Ugh. 
But not this month, as I've used my budget on...the sales of course! I saw this coat on a girl at my local Tube station and was tempted to offer her money on the street for it, assuming it was vintage. Of course it wasn't, and of course it was Topshop. And thankfully it went to half price in the Sales Formerly Known As January Sales. 
As I've said before Topshop isn't the best for my shape - all their clothes are cut straight up and down and this coat is no exception. It's just aching to be worn with high high heels, skinny jeans and crisp white shirt buttoned up the whole way, like a Kate or a Melanie might. But then I am not 5 foot 10 with legs up to here, so I'll never quite achieve the same effect. Sigh. One day I'll shop somewhere that actually suits my shape (which according to this month's issue of ELLE doesn't exist - hands up if you're a pear-shaped girl sick of seeing yourself lumped in with 'voluptuous' Christina Hendricks!) without being frumpy. But not today. 

So my plan of wearing black and navy until the winter ends (and possibly beyond) continues!