Nail tales - tips for blending colours

As anyone who has seen my makeup drawer will testify my wardrobe has got nothing on my makeup addiction. And my nail varnish drawer is pretty similar. But because I am a neat freak, at least my addiction is a neat and tidy one. 
See? That was a fun afternoon. 
One of the things I've learned to do most recently from hours spent trawling Instagram (follow me here for more nail pictures and the like) and reading beauty blogs is blending colours. Like so...
The tutorials I've read insist that this is easy to do and they're right! There's a few things I learned that are very important:
1) The picture above is in fact my second attempt - the first used red as a base coat and blended blue over the top. I'd advise that, at least for your first attempt, that you use the darker colour on the tips, and the lighter colour as the base. 
2) Let the base colour dry completely before beginning to sponge on the blended layer. Same goes for each coat of the blended layers, especially important if you put on a clear top coat.
3) The tutorials say get a nail sponge, but I've found cutting little strips of the sponges I get with foundations work just as well. Plus long thin strips are easier to grip. Or use the foam applicators that come with eyeshadow compacts, as the tutorial I used at Do Not Refreeze suggests. 
3) When you're sponging on the top layer, start at the tip, then move down as you work off the colour. Starting at the middle point on your nail, where you want the colour to be at its thinnest, would just be silly. 
4) If in doubt, add a glitter top coat. It covers up a less than graceful first attempt. Like so:
Et voila! Get blending. 

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