The perfect winter coat

I really need a new camera. Never lend your nice camera to a friend at a party, you'll inevitably get it back with a massive scratch on the lens which shows up in sunlight. Ugh. 
But not this month, as I've used my budget on...the sales of course! I saw this coat on a girl at my local Tube station and was tempted to offer her money on the street for it, assuming it was vintage. Of course it wasn't, and of course it was Topshop. And thankfully it went to half price in the Sales Formerly Known As January Sales. 
As I've said before Topshop isn't the best for my shape - all their clothes are cut straight up and down and this coat is no exception. It's just aching to be worn with high high heels, skinny jeans and crisp white shirt buttoned up the whole way, like a Kate or a Melanie might. But then I am not 5 foot 10 with legs up to here, so I'll never quite achieve the same effect. Sigh. One day I'll shop somewhere that actually suits my shape (which according to this month's issue of ELLE doesn't exist - hands up if you're a pear-shaped girl sick of seeing yourself lumped in with 'voluptuous' Christina Hendricks!) without being frumpy. But not today. 

So my plan of wearing black and navy until the winter ends (and possibly beyond) continues!


  1. I love this coat on you. Works perfectly well with flat boots as I'm guessing it would with heels. x

  2. You look great! my winter coats are terrible i get a new one nearly every year but looking back on them now i'm not really in love with any of them. x
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