Bjorg 2013

I've posted about jewelry brand Bjorg before and how much I love their chunky, funky, grungy and delicate nature-inspired designs. One day I will splash out and get myself a piece for my jewelry box. They exploded back on to my radar recently when I was browsing another blog that posted images from their new lookbook.
Elements of Flemish portraits (as wisely noted by the blogger through whom I found these) and Greek mythology (I'm getting strong vibes of Medea, Electra, Clytemnestra et al) combine to create a beautifully simple but strong and striking campaign. And now...to save up.
(All images from Bjorg.)



I have a confession to make. I haven't actually seen Beetlejuice. (Or Back To The Future, or a Die Hard film. But that's beside the point.) So naming this post after it seems a little cheeky. But it's the name bandied around by style editors in reference to this pinstripe print, so I went with it too.
Also I tracked down an amazing necklace I saw on another blogger on Instagram. I've got a thing for bold bling. 


10 Things I Love About SS13

Winter is on its way out, and the non-stop rain of early spring is setting in. Which means it's time to start compiling my dream wardrobe for spring 2013. If there is a Santa for the warmer seasons, I'd be asking for...
1) An oversized white biker jacket a la Christopher Kane.
2) The shoes, the trousers and the bone structure at Haider Ackermann. (And possibly just this whole Annie Hall meets gothic look for the season). Pretty sure I can create a similar lip look with Illamasqua's Boost lip gloss.
3) The right clothes on the high street to attempt the neon yellow and grey colour palette I tried last spring (though I think I'll leave this Hunger Games meets Space Olympics look to the Junya Watanabe girls...)
4) Everything Mary Katrantzou has made, ever.
5) This Proenza Schouler dress (even though it has 'boyfriend repeller' written alllll over it.)
6) The balls to combine my Boy London t-shirt, my tartan chiffon shirt from American Apparel and some form of slouchy trousers with purple lipstick and messy hair to channel the Dries Van Noten girls and to not look totally stupid.
7) Everything Ann Demeulemeester has ever designed (especially the shoes) and enough hair by the end of the season to be able to pull off this triangular parting.
8) These T-Bird meets Beetlejuice trousers at Balmain.
9) A statement pencil skirt, such as the knockout ones on the catwalk at Jonathan Saunders.          
10) This Kenzo jumper.
Ah, one can dream. I'm just happy that trousers that might actually fit and suit me are hitting the catwalk. Let's hope they trickle down to the high street - I'm really tired of Topshop only designing their beautiful trousers in a 'skinny cigarette' cut that only fit those with legs like Alexa Chung...
(All images via Vogue.)


Fantastic Mr Wang

Oh, he's a genius.
Everyone's been talking about this collection and, primarily, this show. Models in beautifully de-constructed dresses perfectly mixing urban cool with alluring femininity in the most versatile of fabrics. Also, a diverse and dynamic selection of models (admittedly not well-represented by my selection but you can see for yourself here), allowing women to imagine the clothes on them (or more realistically a rake-thin version of them).
(All images via Vogue.)


Fresh spring ground

Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of high fashion's greatest taste makers confirming black is in for spring. The off-beat labels showing at Fashion Week are free to bring the looks they like, but I feel a trend has been given the stamp of approval when one of the old houses picks up on it. Black? For spring? Groundbreaking. 
(All images via ELLE.)