End of a chapter

Finishing important chapters of your life are like finishing a book (as the analogy might suggest). You take a moment to truly understand that the book is finished, and it takes you long moments to understand quite what you made of that book, and quite what impact it had on your life. Whether you enjoyed it, or whether you felt you were better off before you read it. What you learned from it. Whether you are now happy or sad that it's over. 
And until you figure out the answer, you can just wear the things that he thought were hideous. Like this jumper, that goes particularly well with these relatively new ASOS trousers.
And also contemplate, after a long and laborious growing process, cutting your hair again. What do you think?


Mad about the Boy

Someone once referred to Boy London at the hipster Von Dutch. And while they were right, I feel I've left it long enough to finally wear this t-shirt that it's sort of socially acceptable again. Right?
This vintage skirt has got to be the best tenner I've ever spent. The only slight problem is that combined with tights and a coat it does tend to twist round just a tad (I arrived at the hairdressers' after a five-minute walk and found the back slit was at the front)...


Dries girl

Remember when I said it was on my spring wishlist to try and get up the guts to attempt to look as cool as a Dries van Noten girl?
I gave it a shot. 
These Annie Hall-esque wool trousers are one of my staples - they're comfy, versatile, flattering and are from a store that's sizes make me seem smaller than I am! Plus, they're also machine-washable. Winner.The one problem is that the trousers don't have belt loops, so I have to wear them slightly off-waist and slouchy. But am hoping to keep wearing them right through spring. Now I just need a brighter purple lipstick...