Pitch Perfect

A business casual look with my latest pair of trousers. I have a slight addiction to this style of trousers (as you'll see from previous posts) and when the blue/black pair went to half price in the sale I got right on board. I may have also bought a duplicate of the white/black pair...judge all you like, but finding a pair of trousers that you can wear a size 8 in and look good in needs to be celebrated with multiple purchases!


The latest thing

And for the final farewell flourish, a new 'do.
Bring on spring. And many more pairs of ASOS trousers.


The glare

My camera lens is scratched beyond repair and you might have noticed, but the awful glare in this hurriedly taken shot comes from the sun. That's right - a corner has been turned, the sun has come out, and life (in the immortal words of Daniel Craig) is so f*cking good I can taste it in my spit.
So it's time to ditch the winter coats and get out the Marty Maraschino shades.