Hey there, sports fan

Nothing cheers you up like wearing new clothes. Or three new items together - sports tee, skinny jeans and shiny, shiny white brogues. Typically as soon as I find a great-fitting pair of jeans they phase the style out. Thanks, Topshop. NOT. So trying these mega-skinny mega-light ones for now.
Also my new patent white brogues, which I will live in on sunny days. 


Clashing prints

Working on going full body print clash one item at a time...


Snazzy jacket

As my current obsession is with print trousers I thought it was high time to have a jacket to match. This is actually part of a matching set. Watch this space to see if I can pluck up the courage to wear what is essentially daytime pyjamas in the office...



A present from a special person for a trip down Memory Lane. If there's one thing I love it's a sunset, and the opportunity to wear one was too good to miss.