I had a client event last week and, as I usually do, felt the need to dress on-brand.
Green and sparkling silver. Try and guess who the client is!
Featuring the most blinging necklace from the ASOS sale and some new kitten-heeled silver sandals. Now we just need it to stop raining so much... 



I should now technically be changing the name of this blog to Carrot Top Fashionista. Not the best picture I'll admit - coupled with the almost wintry light - but it was the best way to show quite how orange my hair now is!
Also debuting my first item from Cos! These are shiny, elasticated-waisted trousers and are pretty darn comfy, even if they are quite hard to look good in without heels. Plus, they have pockets. Love a good pocket.


Summer PJs

Haven't quite got the courage to wear my 'pyjama suit' to work yet but we're getting there.
FYI - my hair is no longer like this. Stay tuned for a change...



A rare pop of colour. I'm also glad I finally wrested this blazer back off my housemate(s) who kept borrowing it. It's almost eight years old and I am yet to find one that is good enough to replace it. Seems like they don't make simple black blazers without darts any more.