Le Smoking

Classic Karl-style pseudo-tuxedo look for...a house party. Luckily it was in Kensington.
You know how Coco Chanel or someone supposedly said that you should always take off the last thing you put on before you leave the house? I kind of have the opposite problem - what you see here is often only 90% of the complete picture, and rarely what I actually leave the house in. You often feel before you step out of the door that you've got one thing on that's not right, your favourite lipstick will make you feel like you, or your trusty jacket (more on this later) is needed. Take my bag - you met my beloved Alexander Wang at Christmas and bar a few days I've never not left the house with it. Things like that that take an outfit from a look to your look often don't get seen here. Maybe it's a little private thing I like to keep for myself.
This time, however, I knew just what would complete the look. You can see it, and a lot more little snippets that don't make the blog, on Instagram.com/redheadfashion. You'll also get to see how bright this top is in real life - seriously, it's fluorescent. 

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