Punk attitude (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Clothes)

I do this thing where I buy an item of clothing that I know I love, that I know I will get wear out of. Then what happens? It hangs in my wardrobe, sits in a drawer...because I daren't break it in. Like a new notebook or perfume, no occasion is ever special enough to warrant the first wear or use. The first drop of ink on the page, the first pop of the bottle top, the ceremonial removal of the tags. 
Clothes hang in my wardrobe for days, weeks, months, and the love I feel for them grows so much that I almost cannot bear to wear them. They become symbolic of a moment in time that must be preserved at all costs, an outfit I was going to create with them that, because of weather or time, never comes to fruition.
But no more, I tell you. No more buying beautiful things and declaring you'll save them for special occasions. If you're going to spend money on something, you've got to make it worth your while. You've got to love them enough to wear them. 
So a fortnight after I bought these trousers, despite fully intending to save them until October, I took the tags off, and wore them for three days in a row. 


Colour pops

An integral part of my personal style is based around colour pops - it comes with the hair territory. That's why I wear and like to wear so much monochrome - the hair colour pop is all I need. But sometimes it's nice to pick up little accents elsewhere. A bright shoe (in exactly the same pose as it's been in for about the last four posts, and probably the next four). A statement piece of jewellery. A strong lip.
PS I know I'm not the only one who is enjoying the drop in temperature as it means I get to wear my leather jacket again...right?


Stained glass

The photograph doesn't do the print of this sweater justice - it's a glorious stained glass window effect that reminds me of all the churches I got dragged round in France during many family summer holidays. 
The one disadvantage is how fluffy it is inside - my skirt and vest top are covered in white fluff. Excellent. Worth it. Roll on a winter of blacks, textures, and bold print explosions. 


Summer black

Ok yes, this skirt is an absolute bitch to wear. Topshop doesn't believe women with hips (or 'saddlebags' as I believe is their less attractive but more specific term) exist so the lining of this skirt, while already short, has a horrible habit of riding up when walking. And when sitting down. Disaster.
Lining issues aside I love it - thin black lace like this works every season. Especially with a sneaky flash of neon. These shoes were easily my best buy this summer.


Ice blue skirt

I remember talking about this skirt last year, but I've never managed to photograph it before. Sadly, probably only about a third of the outfits I like end up on the blog - sneaking out to my patio to take photos in the morning without housemates gawping at me, bad weather, running late...all factors contribute to me not getting a steady stream of outfits on the blog. I do try and keep Instagram updated with snippets of key outfits; I'm not totally neglectful, promise!
And yes, I wore this into the office. A cro-top in the office? Never say I don't push boundaries.


Jazzy florals

I remember getting really excited about being able to fit into this peplum top when I first found it with only a size 6 in stock. Turns out it's bloody hard to wear. Pro tip for peplums - long trousers are out unless you have no hips.
Here's an attempt that I think worked ok. Next up, I'll try it with a flared skirt. Thankfully jewel colours always work in the winter.