Shiny shiny

OMG A DIFFERENT POSE. Bet you thought I was only 2-D. 
I remember when I saw this skirt on ASOS last winter (when I was in my 'multiple black textures skirt' fashion phase - bring on cold weather for a revival) and thought that it would be easy to wear. It's not - the sadists (ha) decided not to line it, meaning it bunches up at front if you walk too fast. Don't even ask about wearing tights with it. I'm still working on a solution for this winter. 
BUT given that every high street store under the sun is offering a version of this, I feel smugly ahead of the trend. And it sets off my oilslick tote perfectly. I remember the obsessive way I semi-stalked this bag (given that it was stationary it probably doesn't count), circling, waiting for the final reduction and then POUNCING. Now, several years later, it's stylish again, and vying my beloved Alexander Wang for a place on my arm. 
But not everything can last forever in my wardrobe. Yep, you guys are in for a treat - I'm finally on ebay! Head this way for a currently small but soon-to-grow selection of wardrobe goodies. I've got a very exciting trip to raise funds for. More soon...

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