I bought two wool tartan kilts in a vintage shop back in August, knowing tartan would be my go-to this season. Et voila! This one has a smooth back, making it look like a pencil skirt. 
Also really coming round to my new hair colour and habit of trying to curl it, which inevitably just ends up as crimping. But it does work much better with grungey makeup. Stylist said that brown lipstick was really in this season, and combined with a brown smokey eye (much softer and easier than black) and too many episodes of Season Three of Gossip Girl (aka Taylor Momsen's grunge era) it's the perfect autumn look.



An outfit I liked so much I wore it twice. I'm going to become known as The Girl In The Tartan Blazer before too long. 
Already missing my orange hair - it's now a darker russet copper for autumn; pics soon! Maybe one of these days I'll go blonder...


Pirate punk

Please excuse the small friendly plant that's snuck in and obscured my shoes - I was in a hurry. 
I've got a wealth of tartan bottoms for the colder weather...but no tops. And when this jacket called to me from the rail (alongside much more sensible, muted toned jackets) I knew this would see me through. I'm thinking a loose white blouse and a few gold medallions. Or maybe that's a bit too literal/Westwood...
Finished off with a bright purple iridescent lip, courtesy of Illamasqua. I love a good bold lip - it just pulls everything together and means you can leave the house without bothering too much with the rest of your face, or even outfit. This one, far from being a 'for going out purposes only' colour, is a regular. Now, I wonder if I can get away with wearing the teal one to work...


Power hour

For someone who eats quite as much chocolate as I do/is as OCD about dirt as I am/lives in grimy London, white clothes are a total liability. So plucking up the courage to wear this year-old 80s-power-shoulder-meets-biker Zara jacket to the office, on the Tube where slipped coffee and newsprint of the Metro is just waiting to mess with you, was quite a step. But I did it! And it's criminal not to wear a jacket this beautiful, isn't it? Just...don't walk behind me with a cup of coffee...