Pirate punk

Please excuse the small friendly plant that's snuck in and obscured my shoes - I was in a hurry. 
I've got a wealth of tartan bottoms for the colder weather...but no tops. And when this jacket called to me from the rail (alongside much more sensible, muted toned jackets) I knew this would see me through. I'm thinking a loose white blouse and a few gold medallions. Or maybe that's a bit too literal/Westwood...
Finished off with a bright purple iridescent lip, courtesy of Illamasqua. I love a good bold lip - it just pulls everything together and means you can leave the house without bothering too much with the rest of your face, or even outfit. This one, far from being a 'for going out purposes only' colour, is a regular. Now, I wonder if I can get away with wearing the teal one to work...


  1. Love that jacket -- and how you described a plant as friendly :-D

    1. Thanks! And I think plants make great 'friends' - have two in my room!