Pink and pouffy

Details: accidental Betty Draper-style bouffant blow-dry, fluffy pink jumper contrasted with shiny plastic skirt (which could really have done with a lining, ASOS), candy colours, new Prada. 


Merry Christmas!

Details - doing my best to fulfill the 'pink Christmas' brief set by my relatives with a pink shiny '50s-shaped Topshop skirt and some festive bling. Merry Christmas!


I picked this up in NYC...

Details: tartan and light blue make a delightful winter pairing; plain eyes and bright lips; my over-everything Zara coat that's seen me through three winters now; a beautiful gift from my wonderful man from Bloomingdale's in New York. This devil wears Prada now. 

Winter navy

Details: mauve eyes and berry lips, navy shades in a woollen jumper and sparkling skirt, faux-snakeskin boots from Clarks of all places to ensure comfort and style, all wrapped up for outdoors in a trusty beanie faux-fur. Never through out a faux-fur.