Goodbye yesterday

Because I had to cement my reputation as my office's premiere fashionista, I knew I had to wear something special. So this was my 'last day' outfit. The blue lipstick was referenced in my leaving speech the day before and the tartan trousers were referred to in my leaving card, so I combined the two colours for a look that, while not a particularly striking silhouette, was suitably, subtly outrageous. And would you look at that beauty on my arm. 
So that's it from the old me - tomorrow is new job time and I may have to tone it down as they get used to me! But I'm sure the blue lipstick will return in future...


Change is afoot

I'm still here, don't worry! It's been a busy few months, so I thought I'd sum it up in the anatomy of an outfit. 
Well if I'm honest, it's all about the bag. It's a present to myself (with special thanks to a friend who works at my-wardrobe.com) as a reward for, finally, scoring a new job. 
So about the new job.
I realised recently, half way through several re-watches of the truly brilliant Mad Men in preparation for the final season's commencement, that I am more style than substance, and so is my career, or lack thereof. I've been coasting, ticking boxes, for far too long. I want to be a maverick again, a game changer, a person to watch. And so I do this the only way I know how - by being bright and bold, so people sit up and notice, and being myself, so people remember. 
You'll notice, also, a better picture of how my hair looks now. As I mentioned before it was a welcome return to a version of my image that might have been more of a challenge but was one I felt most like myself in. I have been unhappy in how I conduct my life for a long time. Just coasting, continuing, going with the current. That is not how people flourish, I don't think, especially people like me.
I've got high hopes for the next chapter and am pinning a lot of expectations on it, which might not be wise. But far from being a job, this has become my focus. Hours of preparation for interviews that led nowhere, snatched phonecalls in spare minutes, bitterly early starts and late finishes. Much of it leading nowhere. But finally, almost a year since the journey began to take back some pride and some control, it came to fruition. I won't say an end, because I feel like this really is just the beginning. And in three months it could have been a huge mistake and I could find that all of this has just been big talk and I still have no idea what I want, no skills that are any use, and nothing to show for another three months. So used to measuring my success in three month chunks. But for now, in the few short days left before the chapter ends and the new one starts, there is hope, optimism, anticipation, excitement. There is promise. The promise that a bright future is just waiting around the corner. 
I've been waiting for a long time to turn a corner. And now it's almost time.