Print Clash (Part 2)

Featuring the perfect trousers (the trousers I was hoping existed before I realised they did) and one of several print shirts/tops I'll be wearing this summer. I'm feeling print right now. 


Print Clash (Part 1)

Bit of an old one, this, but am moving more into a 'print' phase so thought it was time to show it. My thing for summer, I feel, will be prints. Specifically clashing ones, like stripes with bright floral trousers. Yes these are THOSE M&S trousers (I wore the whole outfit as one the day before my last day) and they aren't quite as difficult to pull off as I thought. Think of them as pantaloons - perfect with sandals in summer. Or with this ridiculous '90s heels, which are actually pretty darn comfortable to walk in given the massive rubber wedge and the fact that the foot is pretty much flat in them. Just not ideal to pull a Naomi Campbell-style catwalk wobble on them...in the middle of Hyde Park. 
Ah well. I totally styled it out.