Neon Raver

I had to go all 'here's me casually pretending to DJ' in my mom (actually Topshop's 'Girlfriend') jeans, right? Having never been keen on the idea of 'pedal pushers' after an unfortunate experience falling for a pair in my teens (they were like a bad boyfriend - looked good, everyone wanted them, horrible and unflattering in reality), I recently realised that, at this magic length and with heels, they are hella flattering. Especially high waisted (though to be honest, Topshop, let's leave the button fly to the boys, ok?)
And when I say heels, I mean HEELS. I popped by the Kat Maconie pop up in Covent Garden a few days ago and fell head over heels for these beauties. Grey and neon yellow is still one of those great colour combinations, and I've never encountered softer leather on shoes in my ife. So naturally they came home with me. Thanks to Stella and Abigail for helping me out!


  1. Hey Redhead!!

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    see you there!

  2. hey whats the big idea for blocking me? i thought you were nice?

  3. Sorry, didn't block anyone, just don't use that page any more so deleted it.