Pink Prints

It's always nice when a piece of clothing you really hope comes into existence actually does. I've got this Whistles skirt in pale blue but always hoped for them to release a pale pink version. Et voila! Of course, as soon as I left the house in it I got two small but (with my attention to detail) noticeable marks on it. Classic. 
Initially I went with a white t-shirt, but even after having short hair for so long I still can't get past the idea that I can't pull off straightforward overly girly, and a pink skirt and plain t-shirt leave very few places to hide. Humidity flatters hair, I can't wear quirky sunglasses inside. So thankfully there's a trend for garish prints right now to save the day. 


Bunch Of Flowers

So...yeah, florals. It's sale season and so this awesome Zara jacket could finally be mine! Works perfectly with a little bit of Primark...
Also, I'm a little bit obsessed with Kat Maconie (and a sample sale makes that obsession easier to indulge) - yes, these are the same as the previous pair I posted but in a different colour! I'm just enjoying that, so far, the summer has been nice enough to warrant brightly coloured shoes!