ThrowBack Thursday

Realised I wrote this MONTHS ago and forgot to hit 'publish' on it! Original post below. In hindsight, I do regret it getting colder so I can't wear little dresses any more, I slightly miss my big voluminous hair and I definitely need to get the skirt tailored...

Oh hello Carven SS14 you cute little thing. Monochrome, gingham AND floral you say? 
I should probably get this tailored as it's clearly cut for little straight up and down things, and sure I should probably wear A-line things more, and blah blah. But fashion isn't about listening to the wise words of stylists and parents and friends who are out to tell you what looks good. If you like something enough, you find a way to make it work. Because it's somehow about more than just you. It's about you finding the thing that perfectly expresses how you see your style. 
And it fits. AND it has pockets!

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