Jumpin' Jumpin'

Check out the moody lighting effects! I'm no pro photographer (the reason I've not posted in a month is that my trusty camera actually fell off the ledge it normally rests on while taking these, rendering it useless) so this is about the best it gets. But it's suitably moody as I'm in the mood for autumn! The mornings are colder (especially on a bicycle at 7.30am) and the days are shorter. It's been a wonderful summer but I'm ready for a new season and a change. 
A change as I'll be moving house in a few weeks, so these'll be the last few snaps with this snazzy fence as a backdrop! Three years in my place and I'll miss it a lot. But it's time to go. 
PS This jumpsuit...have never been particularly sure about jumpsuits for ladies with behinds that aren't Beyonce, but this one (and a blue-grey version I also got) is just the right mix of comfy, simple, sophisticated and perfect for inbetween seasons that are the perfect mix of bright days and cooler nights.

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