Goodbye Sunshine

An old one this, as you might have guessed - I've moved on from that basement flat and now need to get a tripod so I can take proper outfit shots in my new outdoor space! (I recommend following me on Instagram for more up-to-date outfit shots in the meantime) 
But it's coming up to long sleeve season so I'm sure I'll be wearing this outfit again soon. There's definitely a chill in the air in the mornings (making getting out of bed especially difficult), scarves no longer seem like a ridiculous concept (chiffon, though, not wool yet) and it's getting dark by 6.30pm. As autumn sets in, it's nice to look back at what has been a glorious summer of sunshine and short skirts. 


The Nice Guy

Sometimes, a really genuinely nice thing happens to you that gives you renewed faith in humanity. In the wake of some truly upsetting invasions of privacy and the disgusting responses by the internet's best bogtrolls, it seemed like an apt time to put a tiny drop of goodness back into the sea of sh*te, by telling you a little story about this outfit...
I was walking through Leicester Square one sunny Saturday afternoon, after a nice wander around town on my way to have my hair cut. A man came running up to me and stopped me, and simply told me that I looked really nice that day. He followed it up with 'that's all I wanted to say, have a nice day' and then headed back to presumably the group of friends he had just dashed over from. 
A totally agenda-less compliment from a total stranger. A person who feels so strongly about something that they forgo all the societal pressures and just say something honest, knowing it will make the other person happy. Because it did put a smile on my face. I'd not dressed up for anyone other than myself, obviously, and I wasn't looking to attract unwanted attention, but the fact that someone, a man for that matter, had come out of his way to tell me nothing other than the fact that he thought I looked nice was heartening. If it had been followed by a come-on or delivered as a passing comment by someone in a more lecherous way, then I'd not have been so pleased. But it was the simple honest act of saying a nice thing for no reason other than that it seemed like something that man had decided he should do that made it so good. And the fact that it was a man, complimenting me like a human being being nice to another human being, made it better still. 
I compliment women on their outfits, their hair, knowing that they may well not have dressed up for anyone other than themselves but knowing that agenda-free, honest compliments are a nice thing to receive, no matter who you are. 
Say nice things to people because you feel the need to say them. Be a nice good human. It will make someone's day.