Blue and Brown

(Coat: Topshop, Scarf: Helen Moore, Hat: ASOS, Watch: Michael Kors, Bag: Sophie Hulme, Necklace: ASOS, Jacket and poloneck (just seen): H&M)

And sometimes it's just so darn cold out you have to wear your scarf and coat for every second you set foot out the door. But when the coat and the scarf are this good? Well it'd be rude not to. 

Ever have one of those days where you feel grim and despite wearing jeans to indicate that today you're not trying your hardest someone takes a liking to one aspect of your outfit, points it out and lifts the whole thing? This happened. Apparently russet-y reddish-browns are still as good for blondes as they are for redheads. Which is handy, because with the pale blue I think all this reddish brown works quite well. What colours do you find always work for you, no matter how bad you feel?

Of course, another thing guaranteed to give your mood a lift is a great accessory, and a Sophie Hulme bag lifts everything. I bought myself the black one as a 'congratulations on the job' present back in April, but after seeing fashion blogger after fashion blogger making the brown one look so chic against an all-black outfit I fell for this one too. Luckily I happen to have a very, very lovely boyfriend who does an excellent line in Christmas presents...

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