Chilly Down

Brrrrr Upper East Siders, it's cold out! (Sorry, while cleaning my room this weekend I went on a Gossip Girl binge as background noise).

But it IS cold out. We can expect snow any day now. So in preparation, I'm practising my layering.

(Coat and dress: ASOS, Jumper: gift, Belt: Ted Baker (part of dress), Scarf: Helen Moore, Necklace: Thomas Sabo, Shoes (next picture): Clarks)

Ok I think I'm warm enough now. There's gotta be about six million layers in there. Ok not really. There's a lovely light floaty dress that (again) I was dithering over after spotting it in Pandora Sykes' Wardrobe Mistress column in the ST Style magazine and then ASOS helpfully lopped half the price off. Good work ASOS. 

Same with the coat, which is like a large blanket with arms and does have the tendency to make me look a bit bag lady-esque when worn with a big hat. But sans hat and avec lots of other lovely purpley tones (especially a matte lip - Sleek Makeup, get on it - that perfectly matches the belt; hat tip to me) it's definitely a do. 

Also, how good are these shoes? High street flats seem to have a vendetta against me in that every time I walk to the exact spot that's equidistant between my home and my destination they decide to rip a massive hole in one or both of my ankles. But not THESE. They are comfy, stylish and from CLARKS. So you know they won't fall apart after five seconds.

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