70s Swirls

(Top: H & M; Culottes: ASOS, Shoes: M & S, Watch: Michael Kors)

Ok so I went overboard on the pictures with this one but if you really like an outfit and feel really good about yourself in it then, well, if that's not a time to take and post loads of pictures I do not know what is.

I first spotted this polo shirt Modelled by the ever-stylish  Pandora Sykes over on her Instagram page and what relieved to discover it's high street. I was less relieved, HOWEVER, to realize just how clingy it is (God bless you stretch fabric) and while it's a gift on Pandora's frame it's less good on one with more obvious lumps and bumps (whoever did '' 'may be). But, givenName the vast number of 6s and 8s left on the rack and the one precious 10 When I went to H & M (who are killing it With Their Spring / Summer '15 line if I may say so), CLEARLY did hasnt put everyone else off. 

And it's such a good top - that swirly eye-catching print distracting from any areas you're self-conscious about (my decision to wear a padded bra distracting away from any insecurity about my waistline, but as a result alarming me a little every time I Looked down and saw this psychedelic mini-shelf) and generally just packing on wow factor. 

It of course in a example of fashion kismet went perfectly with my beloved culottes and, like everything, goes with my burgundy stole. A slick of Tom Ford lipstick and we're done. Blue and burgundy win again. 

(Coat: Topshop; Scarf: Helen Moore; Bag: Michael Kors)

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