I Like It Culotte

Ok, I'm obsessed. Again. No, not with leopard print. With culottes.

That's right. The weird and strangely horrifying cut of flared shorts that formed a key part of my Brownies uniform and which I regarded with disdain, while my mum insisted they were a great shape for me. 

As always, the older I get, the more I grudgingly acknowledge that my mum was right. Again.

(Top and necklace: Topshop; Coat and culottes: ASOS; Shoes: M&S)

Ok, so you know I can look vaguely pleased about things in photos. You've seen it. So just trust me on this when I say how happy these culottes made me. I wore them three days last week and only stopped when the watermarks from the rain got too much (while I would recommend anyone out there buys them, they show watermarks and stains so obviously and the perfectionist in me freaked out a little bit when I saw that. Plus, hand-wash only). 

They just do everything for someone of my shape - fit at the narrowest point, flare out just before the widest and finish just as the legs start to narrow again. I know my wardrobe is embarrassingly ASOS-heavy, but they do just keep delivering the goods. And there are, I think, another three pairs of culottes currently sitting patiently in my 'saved items' list...

Another person who is consistently delivering the goods is Bethany at Arched Eyebrow, who not content with birthing my new leopard-print obsession got me hooked on a lipstick by Mr Tom Ford. When it comes to lipsticks I'll always pick matte over gloss (more on that story later) and when I saw pictures of Tom Ford's Velvet Cherry I knew I needed it.

 (Pre-swipe; that TF will fade pretty fast I feel. Nail polish is by Barry M - a gift from a friend. Never a colour I'd have picked myself but I love it.)

This is what it looks like on! Warm lighting in my room means it's probably a little more blue-brown in natural winter daylight but it feels like a dream and has decent staying power. And of course, matte as you like. 

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