Law of the Jungle

 (Coat and necklace: ASOS; Top: H&M; Skirt: Topshop; Watch: Michael Kors)

Ok, I am full-on obsessed with leopard print. You'll see testament to this over the coming few posts (which, confusingly, are about a week and a half behind reality so by the time this goes live who knows how many more leopard-print items I'll have acquired); there's been a seriously wild wardrobe invasion. Whether it's spending most of the winter wrapped in a faux fux stole and realising that extending this snugness to a coat or a certain feline addition to my house (my housemates took pity on a lost cat and have rescued him from certain death in the busy road by the house), something has got me dressing like, well, Mel B, Kate Moss in her rocker days, that woman from Eastenders with the big earrings. Whatever. I'm enjoying it too much. 

This skirt was a truly fantastic idea - this skirt shape is an absolute gift for pear-shaped ladies with little waists and I am super-happy that it's currently in. The story goes slightly less perfectly when I sit down or when I walk as the bastard thing either rides up or twists round, so wearing it when it gets warmer with a leather jacket and bare legs might not go as smoothly as I'd hope. But for now, it's had as many outings as the coat. And that's a lot of outings fyi. 

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