Space Age

(Dress and top: ASOS; Necklace: Thomas Sabo; Watch: Michael Kors; Shoes: Clarks)

The fashion world is often impractical and cruel to the point of vindictiveness. Take this dress. Clearly fantastic - the marriage of blue and green, the shimmering space age effect, the flattering A-line cut and mid-length sleeves. In theory, everyone should look good in this dress.

But not willing to throw us a bone, the wicked gods have decided to make this dress in the scratchiest, itchiest fabric known to man. A very stylish hair shirt, if you will, voluntarily worn in service to the fashion gods. Such a shame to encounter something that is so close to perfect, and then have it disappoint you, like so many things in life. It means that it will have to be worn with something underneath at all times, so is strictly an autumn/winter acquisition. 

Thankfully, I'm not in any rush for spring to come...

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