Take Me Back

(Jacket and skirt: Topshop, Necklaces: Thomas Sabo, Scarf: Helen Moore, Watch: Michael Kors)

Back in the day, this would have been the look of my dreams. Preppy via the angry goth kid. The Craft at private school. Loaded up with heavy silver jewellery (God bless the earlier Thomas Sabo collections) and with punk hair and attitude. 

It's funny how a certain look can bring up such strong memories, even when some of the key items in it are brand new. But while items change, a certain look can evoke a long-gone mood. Like the way a certain perfume always takes you back to a certain time in your life, or a few notes in a song can put you right back in the place where you first heard it. A certain outfit can change your mood completely. 

I loved this jacket (and the matching trousers that went with it) when I first saw them back at the start of the winter, but at the eyewatering full price (due to their 'limited edition' status) my sensible side made a rare appearance and shut down the idea. Plus, Topshop's 'skinny cigarette' cut does nothing for my shape. So the hunt for the perfect print suit is on hold, and in the meantime I can enjoy the jacket at sale price. Hurrah! 

But that print (which my old camera doesn't do a good enough job of capturing) is just so excellent. Classic tartan facing delicately into floral - pretty much the perfect pattern for me right now! Plus in my winter staple shade of burgundy and the much-underrated navy blue. 

Roll on warmer weather, when this will look perfect with a white blouse and rolled-up jeans.

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