The Happiest Outfit In The World

(Coat, shirt and trousers: ASOS; Scarf: Helen Moore; Bag: Sophie Hulme; Necklace and ring: Thomas Sabo; Watch: Michael Kors)

Ok as far as 'trying to pose like a proper blogger combined with actually looking like a cheerful functioning human' photos goes this is about as close as you're likely to get from me. But even looking back at these photos makes me cheerful. 

I saw this coat and blouse via the same source - the wonderful, inspiring and stylish babe to boot Bethany at Arched Eyebrow - but the blouse promptly went out of stock on ASOS. Well, my friends, hitting 'refresh' repeatedly on your 'Saved Items' occasionally does pay off! And this crazy-yet-fabulous clashing ensemble was the result. Thanks for the inspiration, Bethany! (And also thanks for this tweet showing the two outfits side by side.)

Below more photos of the various layers in the outfit, because I generally just felt really really good about this whole look. It's kind of Carrie Bradshaw levels of 'you have to believe it to pull it off' and that day, I wholeheartedly believed. 

Also, NARs Audacious lipstick in Lana was the perfect finishing touch to this ensemble. I'll have to do a makeup post one of these days...

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