A Large Glass

(Jacket: Boohoo; Jumper: Gap; Necklace: Thomas Sabo; Trousers: H&M; Bag: Baia; Watch: Michael Kors; Belt: old)

Can I get an OH HELL YEAH. Thankyou. I am seriously happy with how these turned out and generally with how well this look came together. I'm still pretty shonky when it comes to good photography (because there is only so much you can achieve with a camera with a basic lens on a tripod and self-timer) but the weird over-saturation effect actually works well here, if only to make the colours look more matching and the contrast look stronger. Big kisses to my Mysterious Red NARS lip pencil; next time it'll definitely be the turn of the Tom Ford, which will match this jacket pretty well I think. 

I was also finally having a decidedly better hair day; for anyone out there with short hair that's too thick to crop you have my sympathies. How I wish I had wavy, fine hair like a Ginnifer Goodwin, an Audrey Tatou or a Michelle Williams, so I could do that adorable cute pixie crop. But nope, in order to achieve the Claire Underwood/Miranda Hobbes circa Season Two look I need to spend about fifteen minutes blow-drying, straightening, gelling and hair-spraying. And then the photos come out great and of course it's totally worth it. 

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