A Special Occasion Dress

(Dress: H&M; Shoes: Clarks; Belt: Old; Watch: Michael Kors)

And then you have a very good print day. Be warned - this H&M dress, like the matching polo neck, is cut from stretchy, clingy fabric, so do not buy if you are self-conscious, or do what I did and buy a size up. While I'm much happier these days with dresses clinging in certain places (squats squats and more squats...with a few other things thrown in of course. Might do a workout post one of these days) in certain others I'd rather they didn't. Ergo high waist belt and looser dress. Still leaves me feeling decidedly Meghan Draper circa Season Six or Seven of Mad Men. 

 (Scarf: Helen Moore; Coat: ASOS; Bag: Sophie Hulme)

This was initially a dress I'd bought 'for a special occasion', which is my way of justifying buying outlandish-looking things that most people I know would wear to such occasions, but then I remembered that I don't go out. So I made Friday a special occasion. Because it is. 

PS I wrote this post a while ago but figured today, International Women's Day, was the perfect day to hit 'publish' on a post about a special occasion outfit, because if a day celebrating the amazing things that women are, have done and will do and highlighting the role we all have to play in making things better for every woman isn't a special occasion I don't know what is. 

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