(Shirt: Zara; Skirt: H&M; Bag: Baia; Watch: Michael Kors; Ring: Thomas Sabo; Coat: ASOS)

I can't explain this one - I find Alexa Chung to be incredibly irritating (that time she said blogs are ridiculous while forgetting that it was street style blogs that helped launch her and bloggers that spend their rent money on her bag range for Mulberry, that Into The Gloss interview just one example of why it should be considered a mystery that people pay her to write...) but damn can that girl dress well and gets better with age. So begrudgingly this whole look is pretty much pure Alexa. I've gone a bit mad for the faux-suede trend (see evidence in the next few posts) and this skirt is just the start. For anyone buying it be warned - it is both a blessing and a curse for those with impressive waist-to-hip ratios. A blessing in that it looks great on, a curse in that it's a nightmare to get off (those buttons are a style feature - it zips through the back)! 

That's another reason why it's an Alexa outfit: all her best looks are photographed standing or walking. Sitting down? Not so much. 

Also, a quick note about this lipstick - a new favourite from NARS. I only recently got hooked on Nars; their lipstick and lip pencil range is excellent. I'll always favour a brand whose default setting for lips is matte. This is their chunky lip pencil in Mysterious Red; like most reds I try it has pink undertones as opposed to orange, but at full strength, post-application, it's perfect. 

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