Brocade Thoughts

(Skirt and top: ASOS; Watch and bag: Michael Kors; Necklace: Topshop; Shoes: Clarks)

Another print I became obsessed with is this tapestry-effect print, usually reserved for the carpet bags toted around by ladies of advanced years in films in which they are stereotyped. But they recently made a resurgence on the high street (and typically I developed a thing for them after this gorgeous one modelled by Rebecca of It's Cohen was all snapped up in the Topshop sale) and I got on board, albeit a little late. I spent most of the winter wearing as many prints as I could pack in (much as I did all summer) and though the evenings are getting longer there's no sign of the cold letting up just yet. So more prints, please!

Just feast your eyes on that print. When I saw it appear in the sale I initially glossed over it, but on closer inspection I noticed the beading and embellishment on the sides, making it just that bit more interesting. It also puts me in mind of the tapestries my grandpa has made that adorn cushions and Christmas stockings scattered across the various homes of my family and family friends. The artistry behind tapestry, even the by-numbers type, shouldn't be sniffed at. 

When I get a statement item like this I'm often inclined to dress it down - putting it with simple black or white and letting it do the talking. I'm not entirely happy with the result, so will definitely post it again soon with more interesting accessories. When one piece is good, often the rest of the outfit fades into the background, but it just needs to pull its socks up...

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