Claire Underwood

(Top: ASOS; Skirt: M&S; Bag: Baia; Necklace and ring: Thomas Sabo; Watch: Michael Kors; Shoes: London Rebel)

So any sensible person is right now varying percentages through House of Cards, with Season Three having landed on Netflix like a late Valentine's Day treat for all fans of the Machiavellian machinations of the ruthless Frank and Claire Underwood. I remember when the show first appeared on Netflix and a colleague told me that, with my penchant for black polo necks and cropped hair, I looked like Claire Underwood. Obviously, I'll take that.

Say what you want about the icy, Lady Macbeth-like Claire, but her cool composed ability to cut her enemies deep and to be both the essential component in Frank's armour and, potentially, his only weakness and ultimate foil, has me hooked, as does the fact that Robin Wright goes toe to toe with the titan Kevin Spacey and holds her own handsomely. That alone is reason to tune in, with her enviable working wardrobe being another season. She'd never wear suede these days, but if she'd been dressing in the '90s I'd like to believe she would dress like this. 

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