Colours for Spring

(Jumper, coat and trousers: ASOS; Necklace: Thomas Sabo; Watch: Michael Kors)

I was half-way through editing these when I looked up out of the window and noticed that both the flowers on my desk (the real ones that is - my room is a haven of fake greenery and fake berry boughs) match the colour palette of this outfit. Irises - one of my favourite types of flower and one perfect for spring - and an orchid that's had a particularly good run and is enjoying its later glorious phases before, despite my best efforts, giving up the ghost entirely. I've tried long and hard to keep a succession of orchids alive - warm water, moistening the leaves, orchid food, you name it - and while I'm yet to crack it they are worth the effort. 

So I'm calling this outfit extra spring-like as a result (despite the surly expression, which is more so than usual due to a lack of sleep following a delayed flight home the night before). Flared, high-waisted trousers are a gift to anyone with my shape so these were in my ASOS basket before you could say 'bell bottoms'. Long may this 70s trend continue, I say. Plus, despite the fact that this coat is actually pretty tricky to wear and not especially flattering (but then, what coat is?) the pairing of lilac and green has reignited my love for it. Lilac and dark green is definitely joining blue and burgundy and grey and neon yellow in my colour pairing hall of fame. 

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