(Dress: ASOS; Hat: Topshop; Scarf: Helen Moore; Boots: & Other Stories; Necklace: Thomas Sabo; Bag: Alexander Wang)

After Marianne, who apparently I was reminiscent of in this outfit.

Obviously I need long luxuriant hair and a blunt fringe to do it properly, plus perhaps a floral headband and sandals and it to be about 15 degrees warmer so I could swap the scarf and tights for sandals, but hey, it wasn't even a deliberate tribute. 

Spring is definitely in the air and while I might prefer cold mornings and long dark nights to endless days and heat, nothing irritates me more than people who spend their whole lives, or at least three-quarters of the year wishing for their favourite season. Typically, my favourite seasons are either over in a heartbeat or blighted by rain where wanted snow, but they'll be back and I'll be glad to see them return. But it was nice to walk around this warm weekend with the heat of the sun on my face, with sunglasses on to boot, and see the streets flooded with people quick to lap up the rays. Londoners, and Brits in general, are like sunflowers, following the path of the sun religiously. From sitting outside wearing four layers just to say they had a beer in the sunshine on a Saturday afternoon to even sunbathing on the grass by London Fields Lido (according to an eyewitness account I heard) a sunny day in London brings everyone out of their hidey holes. As we get closer to the clocks changing and more and more daffodils are blooming it definitely feels like spring it on its way. I'm happy to stay inside for a few more weeks, wrapped in a blanket and watching the light go out of the day. 

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