Good In Theory

(Jacket: Topshop; Top: H&M; Scarf: Helen Moore; Culottes: ASOS; Bag and watch: Michael Kors

Have you ever had an item in your wardrobe that, despite your deep love for it, will not love you back?

This jacket is causing me a lot of frustration. Partly because I can't help wondering if buying a size smaller would have been a good idea, though, actually, the shoulder width would have been wrong. I might have it tailored to come in closer to the waist but, then, the pockets would be off. I might benefit from wearing it with a pair of skinnier trousers but, then, would I feel self-conscious? I might just have to resign myself to the fact that this is a beautiful item that wears me, not the other way round. 

Because it is a lovely print - the way that tartan feeds into the delicate, lace-like floral. It goes well with the culottes, but doesn't necessarily do anything for my figure, especially with the striped top underneath. It's a good outfit in theory, but not in practice. 

But never mind. We can't always have perfect days.

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