(Jumper and skirt: Topshop; Necklace: Wolf & Moon; Bag and watch: Michael Kors)

This is a perfect Monday outfit; a zing of brightness and fun to kickstart the week. I found this little foxy friend in a shop on my walk home along Exmouth Market and he (for some reason all anthropromophic items I own become 'hes' not 'shes') adds a bit of fun to outfits. The eagle jumper was an impulse buy years ago and was definitely a good one to crack out on occasions that call for something that needs a second look. Add some leopard print (obviously) and we're done. 

Does anyone else do themed weeks? This marked the start of a 'tops' week where I built outfits around the exciting tops I own, but ended up being more about interesting skirts and trousers. Inevitably if I declare next week 'skirts and trousers' week that's when the interesting tops will come out. And I've acquired some great tops and jackets recently...

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