Winter Up Top, Summer Below

(Coat and trousers: Topshop; Jumper: ASOS; Necklace: gift; Bag and watch: Michael Kors; Shoes: M&S)

As I mentioned, this was supposed to be part of 'tops' week, but ended up being more about the bright trousers. Probably a good thing though, as I've had these for about a month and was 'saving' them for summer to wear with white t-shirts and sandals. But it's high time I stop buying things to save (and, on that note, it's high time shops stop selling things according to the season and start selling according to the weather) so here they are. 

Also a perfect excuse to bust out a red lipstick that perfectly matched the necklace and detailing in the trousers (ok don't look too closely) - Gabrielle from the Chanel Rouge Coco collection. Matte without drying and the perfect red for redheads; a more orange shade of red (most others come out pink on me) without veering towards the coral end of the spectrum. I've got too many lipsticks (and too much of everything generally) but it's often worth keeping the good ones when they come along. How do you all store your makeup and how long should lipsticks be kept for?

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