Black and Gold

(Jacket: Boohoo; Cardigan: H&M; Top: Market stall; Trousers: ASOS; Shoes: Topshop; Bag: Sophie Hulme)
Another HELL YEAH outfit (and of course featuring that Boohoo jacket) that reminds me of the great combination of brown and black. Or at least golden brown and black. I was joking with someone on Twitter that ASOS need to install a filter for trousers that don't have belt loops as these ones frustratingly don't, but a little tailoring meant they don't escape south at the first opportunity. They stop in that infuriating dangerzone between the ankle and the mid-calf but these lace-up sandals (of which every retailer has some variant of right now) are the perfect height. 

It's only in recent months that I've realised the true benefits of tailoring (and added 'taking items to a tailor' alongside 'buying dry-clean-only items without wincing' in my list of 'adult behaviour'), especially as far as trousers are concerned. The high street, as hard as it tries, will never be able to cater to every body shape, or more specifically no one shop will ever be able to. Trousers are the one item that I basically despair of whenever I hit the shops, but a new-found willingness to buy an item that needs a little work to be made perfect means I do have a bigger trouser collection than before. Whether it's turning them up myself or getting them taken in (something I definitely should have done sooner with the floral suit trousers in the last post - Oasis trousers have historically championed the scourge of suit trousers everywhere, the deeply unflattering pseudo-hipster waist feature that does me no favours), it's a much-underrated final step to feel happier when wearing an item. It definitely worked here!

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