Cut Off

(Coat: Primark; Shirt: H&M; Culottes: Topshop; Shoes: ASOS; Bag: Sophie Hulme)

Another unseasonably warm day required sleeveless things and cropped things, with a jacket just in case. These culottes were brought to my attention via Laura of The Pixie Cut and imagine my delight to discover that they're high-waisted and actually cut for someone with curves! Hallelujah! The flared shape probably helps with this and as a result don't plan on eating any big meals in them as they get uncomfortably tight around the stomach after too long, but add a crop top and a summer day and you're on to a winner.  

I saw this Primark jacket a good few months back and was sold on the deep purpley-blue floral print - perfect with jeans and camel-coloured everything so will look as good with my plethora of suede bottom halves as it will with any denim all-in-ones!

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