Haircuts and High Boots

(Dress: Miss Selfridge; Boots, bag and sunglasses: Topshop; Watch: Michael Kors)

Pro tip for people with thick hair in need of a cut - do NOT try to change the parting the day before you get it cut. I ended up with a horrendous thatch-like incident which meant this is the only non-laughable photo I could use. Will have to wear again soon. 
This is definitely one of those outfits that's best for posing in. So many little details aren't quite right on the move - the suede bucket bag (which I bought years ago and kept knowing eventually it would come back into fashion) makes your skirt ride up, the boots are designed for slow ambling, not power-walking across town on a hot spring day to make appointments and contrary to the reviews online they DO slide down. I guess the only way for them not to would be to hook them into my skin. I was initially after the Misguided pair of these with a cleated wedge heel but dithered too long and they went out of stock! So these ones it is, and I do like them a lot. Just not for long walks...

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